Things you must know about Score! Hero

Are you interested to play in sport based games? Then I tell you the best sport game Score! Hero. It is the count in the top game of the world football. This is developed by the best game studio First Touch Games Ltd. This is the best opportunity for the football lover.  It is the make with high graphical and quality. In this over the 580 levels are available. You also customize your player and their things.  For playing the game is very simple. Many challenges and tasks are available in the game. You will also receive the rewards. With the help of Facebook, you also play the game with your friends. It is available for free on play store and app store.

Best points in games-

Many additional Items are available in it for purchase in real money. That is a way to connect with the friends and make better relations with them.  That is full fill from the huge features and graphics. The game is also achieving many achievements from google play. Many types of currencies are present in it. With the levels, tournaments also run in it. All the players are taking part in the tournament. Which player won the tournament that will give reward from the game by getting Score Hero Hack.

For download the game in android 4.4 and up version required. The score hero is installing by 100,000,000+ people in the whole world. It is one of the few categories games where developers find it a bit difficult to innovate. In it, many features are available like tasks, challenges, Rewards, Play with friends and many features.

How to play-

If you are the beginner, then it gives a very good facility for beginners.  With the many modes, one special mode gives for beginners is practice mode.  It is the best mode for a new player to learn about the game.


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Latest helpful tricks of 2018 of Choices Stories You Play

Latest helpful tricks of 2018 of Choices Stories You Play

Well, a lot of games available in the market is a most popular game with 7 million users which completely based on the virtual world. It is manufactured by pixelberry studios. It gives you tons of different storylines to choose in every game you will play the main character. the main thing of this game it depends on your decisions you make in the game, however some it is very complicated but you can enjoy the game with excitement and enjoyment.

It offers you new graphics and excellent storyline which can keep stuck your device for long hours. The great feature of game you can play games continue until the game ends. It means that you have the opportunity to change your past as per your choice. There are a lot of details available that you should know before playing choices story you play the game.


The game contents with two kinds of stories first one is completely free whereas another one requires currencies. Well, diamonds is one of the main parts of the game, it would be used to buy premium stories for the game. Having huge diamonds might help you to complete complicated chapters within first attempts. However, if you want to complete game immediately then it should better to buy diamonds and keys with real currency or get Choices Cheats 2018.


 You can play every story free of cost which comes with several books. However, some starting storyline is free to read but if you want to read more then you can unlock them by using some keys. Keys is another part of the game which you can use to unlock some interesting stories. similarly, you can buy keys from the app store with real currency.

Boost your earning

By few methods, you can earn unlimited stones and keys in the interactive game. The patient is the first thing you need to keep in the game for better levels. The first effortless method is to earn them by completing each story, after completing every story you will reward with several amounts of things like stones, keys, and diamonds as well.  Another alternative option to earn diamonds is by increasing levels which you can be done by the accomplishment of several achievements in the game.

Purchase with credit card

We recommended do not spend plastic money on virtual games but if you want to buy then here are some tips you need to follow. It is available in the game store where you can purchase diamonds and keys for the game. On the other hand, there are several packs available for both currencies and as per your wish. If you are going to buy bigger ones then you will have highest chance to get a better deal. On special they will give you special offers like bundle packs they offer you at minimum cost.

Not much complicated

The game doesn’t have any complicated character than others where you have to remember different themes for every of the character. it is very easy to control your story by clicking just single click on it and some stages you have to do in the limited time period. However, other ones depend on your decision and interest.

Without any cost

Well, it is freemium and an amusement game, hence, you can download from play store without any cost. Don’t try to purchase resources with real money however you can play the game without spending it.

Connect with social networking websites

With the help of social networking website, you can connect with your friends with your favorite story.  It would be better to connect social networking such as facebook twitter and other ones.

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