Mafia City- Strategy To Become The Best Player

Mafia City is a strategy based game launched by the YottaGames studio for the users of Android and IOS devices. In the game, you can build your city to face the enemies. The game is very much similar to clash of clans and Clash of kings. Moreover, the game gives you a chance to participate in many of missions to make it more instructing. It is important for every new player to use the guide to know all the about the games.

More details about the game   

  • Graphics of the game is highly rated, and you can feel the best view at the time of playing it.
  • You can play it with millions of strangers by using the online feature.
  • The entire story is based on the underworld, and you can meet with many of special character here.
  • You have to work to make your gang stronger by winning fights.
  • Use the best weapons to kill the enemies.
  • The game allows you to use the vehicles like cars and bikes. You can also modify all the vehicles.

Use the citizens

It is essential for every player to earn the boosters, gold, and many more rewards to make the game easy. You can earn it by using the citizens of your city. You have to tap on the people to collect their items quickly. You can use these boosters in needy time.

Develop your gang

The game depends on your gang you have to make the active gang to win the fights. Spend more time in the early stages to add the members. There are many ways available to increase the power of your gang.

  • Spend the money on the invest center to unlock the best players.
  • Try to get the best weapons to kill the powerful enemies easily.
  • Take your time to train all the troops correctly in starting.
  • It is better for you to use the coins to upgrade the training centers.
  • Try to unlock the hospitals to save the energy of your players.


In my opinion, all players should watch the tutorial videos first, because it is not easy to play the game correctly without using the guide. Give your best and try to clear the early missions without using the powers.  Upgrade all the useful places or by using Mafia City Cheats and to earn the extra points.

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Know More about Hungry Shark World

If you love the action games, then you must try Hungry Shark World once. It is the best game on apple and plays store at free of cost. It is available free of cost and recently launched by Ubisoft Entertainment. The game consists of 17 types of sharks and three types of in-game currency in the form of coins, gems, and gold. It is an adventurous game and playing it regularly on a daily basis it makes the person fell relaxes and stress-free.


The game considers three types of in-game currency. It is important to have enough amount of in-game currency to buy and upgrade your sharks on a regular time. Following are some types of in-game currencies –

  • Gems
  • Coins
  • Gems

To play Hungry Shark World, the gamers should complete more challenges and objectives in order to earn more in-game currency. As currency plays an important role in the game, so it is essential to have a good amount of coins, gems, and gold and that you can do with Hungry Shark World Hack.

Types of Sharks

Hungry Shark contains a wide-range of powerful sharks with their unique skills and abilities. The game depends on these sharks as the user has to choose one shark in the starting of the game and go far with it. There are different types of sharks in the game –

  • Blue Shark – It is the fastest shark in the game with high boost. It easily catches other sharks foe eating.
  • Porbeagle – The shark we are talking about is unlocked at level 100%, and it is the 3rd smallest shark in the game. It cannot eat stronger sharks but can eat faster the sharks.
  • Sand Shark – It is the low-cost shark among all, and it only unlocked by playing more and more game. It has many blue spots on its back.
  • Tiger Shark – It is the largest shark of all, and it has markings on its head and back. It is the strongest shark in the game, and it eats all other sharks.
  • Killer Whale – To purchase the killer whale one should need 1500 gems or 420000 coins. It creates more damage outside water.


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The Sims Mobile- Whole detail about Tokens

Are you looking for best simulation game? If the big yes then today I will tell you the trending simulation game The Sims Mobile. We also call it to dream game because in it you can create your dream world. One of the best things is that you can create the Sims and give a unique look. The game is full fill from many adventures and missions. Make your own home with beautiful designs and theme. It is the best game ever in the all simulation games.


The tokens are the best type of currencies, and it is not purchasable. You can earn the tokens via completing the tasks and leveling up in game. It is useful for buying the special items which are valuable. If you want to unlock an expensive item in the game, then tokens are must require.

Types of tokens-

In The Sims Mobile, four types of tokens are available. Each token is earned by the different method. Now we talk about the kinds of tokens and their methods.

  1. Relationship Tokens
  2. Career Tokens
  3. Hobby Tokens
  4. Party Tokens

Now we talk about how to get these all tokens to unlock more items.

  1. Relationship Token-

The Relationship token is the first part of the tokens. You can earn it via completing the relationship related life goals. Complete the goals to get the relationship tokens. It is also the best way to obtain the free token.

  1. Career Tokens-

It is the second types of token. If you want to earn it, then join the special events and parties.

  1. Hobby Tokens-

You should earn it via hobbies, special events and join the parties. It is useful to unlock many items in the game. So if you want to earn hobby tokens then join the parties and events.

  1. Party Tokens-

The name of this tokens shows all meaning. It meant via attending the party and organized the party you are able to earn free tokens. Unlocking many items related to the parties it is useful. The parties are the one and an only best way to earn party tokens in the game.

If you want get more tokens, you will have try The Sims Mobile Hack.

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